Delsey Corium 1 Review (for DSLR)

I was amazed by the paucity of information and reviews on the internet about this bag. If you google it, you will find only pages from places selling them. I found a single post at Fredmiranda’s forum, I contacted the poster (who had a Corium 5) and he was very kind on giving me some information about the bag. I posted on Dpreview forum asking for info and no one posted back.

I initially had this review as a Flickr Set (which got a lot of hits), now I decided to put this in blog format.

In this first part I will review the Corium 1 using my DSLR gear. Next post I will review the Corium 5. And my last post I show both bags with rangefinder Gear.

Corium 1 and 5 Side by Side

I will start my review with the official info from their website, then I will give my impression about the bags and what actually fit on each one. Official information from:


The CORIUM 1 is the smallest of our all-in-one shoulder bags. This De Luxe style shoulder bag is made from superior material. Pebble Leather and the interior comes with a high quality fabric lining with adjustable dividers to accommodate your Digital SLR camera and lens with a sleeve to store your accessories.The removable, zippered, inner bag, gives you the comfort and is protected with the unique magnetic overlap.
Dimensions:internal: 18 cm x 10 cm x 23.5 cm (7.1″ x 3.9″ x 9.3″)external: 22.5 cm x 13 cm x 25.5 cm (8.9″ x 5.1″ x 10.0″)capacity: 4.23 ltrweight: 1.085 kg (2 lbs 6 oz)

Corium 1

To start, both bags are of superior quality, very well crafted with excellent material, inside and outside. The detachable padded shoulder strap with Anti-Slip is very nice and feels confortable on the shoulder, even when the bag is fully loaded.

This is the leather flap with magnetic overlap. There are actually two magnetic latches on each side, and the center is just a decorative detail.

Opening the flap - Detail of the inside

The zippers seal the pocket where the camera stays in. Protecting it from Dust and also from dropping in case you flip the bag.

Detachable padded shoulder strap with Anti-Slip

Looking inside, the material is very soft and will not scratch your camera's LCD.

Again, it has very good quality inside and outside. It comes with enough dividers and I actually had to leave some of them out to fit camera an lens.

The front zipper: inside there are small pockets for memory and personal cards as well as pens. You may be able to fit the battery, keys and perhaps a cell phone.

Once you flip the leather overlap, you have the camera compartment, sealed with nice plastic zippers. This bag surprised me by its quality and its padding.

Okay, it looks nice and well built, but let’s see what I can fit inside this little bag…

Statring with a prime (50mm) and a flashlight (SB600), it still has space in the middle. Can I get my D700 there?

Here I tested the 50mm on the left and the 105mm on the right.

The D700 fits nicely with the 35mm attached.

D700 with a 35mm F2 attached. On the left side I have a small 50mm F1.8 and on the right side I can fit either a flashgun (SB600) or the Micro 105mm F2.8. The 14-24mm Zoom would fit was well.

Here the chubby 12-24mm F2.8 is placed into the small mighty Corium 1. The D700 and a flash or small prime is still a go.

"Test drive" of the Corium 1 fully loaded. As you can see, this is not a large bag at all. I was very impressed with the amount of gear I could fit in this bag.

What won’t fint on the bag: 70-200mm VR (attached or not to the camera!), the 24-70mm attached to the camera.

This is really a nice camera bag. What I like the most is that it won’t scream “camera bag, grab me” to everyone. Sure you still have to be careful where you leave it. If you like the review or have any questions, please leave a comment.



15 thoughts on “Delsey Corium 1 Review (for DSLR)

  1. Thanks for the review it’s very helpful! I just got cortex 03 since the corium was little bit too expensive for my budget and I liked how cortex line is relatively very light in weight. I’m also really enjoying its simple design! Anyhow I would love to get a cortex backpack if I can find any places that sell! I found one online shop but their retail price seems too high as I got my cortex 03 for $45 at a local store but their price is around $80! So I don’t feel like getting one from there…hope this great line of products get more popular so we can get them easily!!! Once again, thanks for the review!!

    • Hi Annie, I think the Cortex is also a great bag. As you mentioned, the simple design makes it a very inconspicuous camera bag. I saw the backpack, I believe at B&H, its a beauty. The problem is that I am getting more bags than my wife, that’s a problem! Thank you for checking my review.

  2. Looks nice. Good size. Is the strap adjustable enough that you could wear it cross-body, do you think? I would want it to lie just about where it is in the picture of you, but would prefer to have the strap on the opposite shoulder.


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    • Not concerned about that aspect. To me it doesn’t look like a purse. To make sure I asked my wife and she said no. No one teased about this yet, and trust me, my friend would.

  4. I’m having a really hard time finding my “ideal bag”. I want to fit in as small a space as possible my Canon Rebel, a 200mm lens with a few small accessories (battery charger, hood, a few extra memory cards) along with iPad, wallet and a few necessities like an inhaler and lip gloss…it seems like the choices are a body case or a huge multi-lens pack. Could the 3 or the 5 fit the bill?

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for visiting the blog and reading the review. How long is your 200mm lens? THe Corium 1 may be too small to have it attached to the camera. What I would recommend you is to look at the length of your lens and compare with the ones I used (Nikon website have all the specs on the lens I used here). Cheers. Rafael

  5. I’ve been on the hunt for a sleek functional camera bag for months now. I just stumbled upon this bag while browsing on Amazon, but couldn’t find any reviews online. thank you SO much for your super helpful review! I think I’ve finally found “the” camera bag for me and my Canon Rebel. thanks!

  6. I would to say the same thing that Fatima (and this others). Thank you so much for this review (and the lots of pictures on Flickr). I’m french and I searched anywhere some information about this bag and I didn’t find anything.
    I think I’ll take it for my D90 and his lenses, 18-105 and 35mm f/1.8…looking the pictures it seems that D90 + 18-105 attached (all it’s about 17cm) will be too large to fit.
    Thank you again.

    • Hi Matthieu,

      Sorry for not posting earlier. Just went back to the bag and measured: 17cm should be just fine to be in the bag (lens attached, facing down). I also tried the 24-70mm and the 105 Micro: They wouldn’t fit with the lens attached facing down, but if you take all dividers, the would fit with the camera and lens facing sideways.

      Hope that helps


  7. Not water proof. The leather repels water sufficiently that I’ve used this bag when it was raining and the inside was protected.

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