Delsey Corium 5 Review (DSLR Gear)

Here is my review for the Delsey Corium 5. Again, I will start with the dimensions and official info from their website. The website was quite primitive but they have revamped it with more pictures and info. Well worth checking it. They have also introduced the Corium Back Pack… interesting.


This De Luxe style shoulder bag is made from superior material. Pebble Leather and the interior comes with a high quality fabric lining with adjustable dividers to accommodate your Digital SLR camera and lens with a sleeve to store your accessories.
The removable, zippered, inner bag, gives you the comfort and is protected with the unique magnetic overlap.

internal 18 cm x 10 cm x 31 cm (7.1″ x 3.9″ x 12.2″)

external 22.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 33 cm (8.9″ x 5.3″ x 13.0″)

capacity 5.58 ltr

weight1.59 kg (3 lbs 7 oz)

Delsey Corium 5 REVIEW

“This camera bag is of superior quality, very well crafted with excellent material, inside and outside. The detachable padded shoulder strap with Anti-Slip is very nice and feels confortable on the shoulder, even when the bag is fully loaded.” When I first wrote this I had just received the m from B&H. Now, almost 2 years down the road, using them on a daily basis, I can confirm that the quality us superb. They still look brand new, have retained their shape and don’t look worn out. The leather is very resistant to dust and can easily be cleaned.

Although the Corium 1 managed quite well my SLR gear (see previous post), I was often having to use the larger Corium 5 to accommodate the D700 with the newly acquired  24-70mm F2.8. Only when using small primes or the 105mm Micro, I would use the Corium 1. Eventually it was making more sense to leave it in the larger bag. The Corium 1 eventually was used for a different kind of gear (see next post).

Side by side the Corium 1 (front) and the larger Corium 5

The camera compartment of the Corium 5 have the same depth of the Corium 1, however the bag is a bit chubbier in view of the extra pockets in the front.

Corium 1 and Corium 5 (right)

The strap on the Corium 5 is really well padded. And it have to be since it can carry more gear and more weight. It  does make a difference in the end of a long day.

Detail of the padded shoulder strap on the Corium 1, same built and comfort on the Corium 5.

Well, let’s see how this bag looks from the inside. Again, lots of well padded dividers. The inside material is very soft and protects your camera from scratches. The plastic zipper is well positioned and it does not scratch the camera when you are pulling it out.

The Corium 5 have a zipper in the front part just like the Corium 1 but there is another compartment  in the back where you can fit magazine, etc. You can even put an iPad there but part of it will be out of the bag.

Well padded dividers.

The front pockets are great! There are two separate ones. The larger one has small pockets for personal cards and those pen holders.

The front pockets and the front zipper compartment.

It comes with a small bag (picture below), not sure what for but I have used it for film, small lens and other stuff. A nice touch anyways.

Little bag that comes with the Corium 5.

The front pockets are quite capable. The larger one you can even fit a small flashlight such as the SB600. On the small one there is plenty of room for battery, extra memory cards and even a small prime 50mm.

SB600 on the large pocket and a battery on the small one.

And although these front pockets will make the bag thicker, once you have the leather overlap around it, it still looks very nice and clean.

Detail of the small pocket.

Detail inside the larger front pocket.

Okay, let’s see now how much gear can we make it fit in this nice bag:

105 Micro on the left side, D700 with the 35mm mounted and the 50mm underneath. On the right side I have the 14-24mm F2.8. Will that close? See below.

With this configuration, the zipper will almost close. This is not too bad, but definitely tight.

D700 with the 17-55mm DX mounted and plenty of space for the 105mm Micro on the right side (or a 12-24mm F2..8). At that time I did not have the larger 24-70mm F2.8 FX. It will fit using this same configuration but will have to move the divider to the right side, leaving less room for the lens there.

Both the Corium 1 and 5 won't fit the D700 with the 105mm, 14-24mm or the 17-55mm DX attached with the lens down. Well, you won't be able to close the zipper, but it will stay in and you will be able to close the overlap. The 24-70mm 2.8 won't fit since it is a longer lens than the ones I mentioned. However, the Nikkor 24-120mm VR, Nikkor 24-85mm and the Tamron 28-85mm should all fit since they are all shorter than the 105mm.

Obviously, the 70-200mm VR mounted on the D700 won't fit mounted on the camera!!!!

If you take everything out, look what you can fit inside! Sure, you would not buy this bag just to fit this combination, but if you wanted to know if it would fit, yes it does... but it won't fit anything else!

As you can see, the bag is not too big and doesn’t scream “camera bag” to every one. It is quite stealth.

test driving the bag

Due to the lack of review and pictures on-line, I could not decide which one to buy, the Corium 1 or the 5. The initial plan was to get both bags, see what they look like, what would fit on them and return the one I didn’t want. It turns out that I ended up keeping both (go figure). The reason is that they serve for different purposes and after I started with rangefinder photography, the Corium 1 has been used almost exclusively for it, leaving the 5 for my SLR gear.

Hope you like the review and pictures. Please feel free to email me for questions.


15 thoughts on “Delsey Corium 5 Review (DSLR Gear)

  1. Thanks for the review, it’s so hard finding reviews for the Delsey as they’re not sold everywhere, AFAIK, they’re only sold in some parts of the US and the European markets.

    My Corium 7 is on its way to Singapore (where I am now), a friend got me one from Europe. I’ll let you know once I’ve reviewed mine as well.

    I’ve been looking for leather/non-canvas shoulder bags that can carry my work laptop and a camera + 1 flash for the longest time and I’m glad I saw the Corium. The 7 might end up being too big for my needs, but I’d rather have room to spare (to put a water bottle, my moleskine, and other junk than have too little space and a stuffed bag.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your Fishing Fedora post BTW, and lovely M9 🙂


    Dave Tong – David’s Simple Photography

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  3. A review of the Delsey Corium bags. How rare. Thank you very much, I was looking for a bag to carry my D700, 50, 24 and 85 prime along with some A4 paper stuff. I thought of the Corium 5, but no review could tell me if it was suitable. Until I dropped here. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  4. Your Delsey Corium 5 review convinced me and I decided to get one instead of the most publicized Think Tank 5. I dont know if you are familiar with micro four thirds and I will like to know what you think about the system. I own an Olympus OM-D with a battery grip mounted with the 12-50 kit lens as well as a 40-50mm, a 7.5 Samyang fisheye, an Oly 9-18mm, a 45mm and a Pany 20mm pancake lens, all very small and light lenses that I hope will fit in the Corium 5. I will like to carry a EPM-1 as a backup camera and I wonder if it will fit in the large front pocket.

    As I live in South America, I will get my bag until the end of november when a relative will pick it up from the USA, nevertheless I already bought it and will be delivered to some friends.

    Many thanks for your nice work.

  5. Hello,
    very good review. Thank you. Please, could you write me,if paper A4 without folding can be instert into this bag. It is important information for me, because I want to use this bag as my workbag and I usualy have papers – side A4 with me. Thank you very much for soon answer.


      • Thank you very much for your answer. Please, could you help me to find a beg, that is very similar to corium 05 an tall enaugh to insert A4 inside?
        Thank you.


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