Delsey Corium 1 for Rangefinder

Although the Corium 1 managed quite well my SLR gear (see previous post), I was often having to use the larger Corium 5 to accommodate the D700 with the 24-70mm F2.8. Only when using small primes or the 105mm Micro, I would use the Corium 1. Eventually it was making more sense to leave the D700 in the larger bag and  not bothering to use the Corium 1 for it.

Now I found a very good use for the Corium 1: Rangefinders! Super light and with small lens, they were “born” to fit the Corium 1. I am actually amazed that none of the rangefinder/leica websites don’t even mention this high-quality-good-looking bag. A recent review of accessories for M cameras by Ashwin Rao was featured on Steve Huff website ( Unfortunately I did not have this post up at the time to suggest the inclusion of the Corium line. Anyways, here my review along with pictures. As always, feel free to contact me for any questions (some of the pictures from my previous review were included here  as well).

I find the Corey 1 a superb bag for rangefinders. It is a good match in both quality and style.

This is the leather flap with magnetic overlap. There are actually two magnetic latches on each side, and the center is just a decorative detail.

I specially like the Zipper that seals the padding - If for any reason I grab the bag upside-down or if tips over, the gear stay safe inside.

I am able to fit two Leica M cameras and still have some room for film as you can see from the picture above. On the left side I have a M6 with a 50mm Summicron attached and on the left is the M9 with the 50mm Lux. The 50mm Lux is the longest lens I have, for any longer lens you would have to make a different arrangement to make it fit (If you want to know if a Noctilux would fit, please send me the lens and I will try 🙂 )

Both cameras rest quite nicely and it is super easy to take them out of the bag.

The front zipper: inside there are small pockets for memory and personal cards as well as pens.

On the outside compartment, I am able to fit my memory card wallet, an extra battery, a think Moleskin and a pen along with my earbuds. If I am carrying just the M9, I have room for one or two extra lens (28mm 2.8 and the Zeiss 35mm 2.0).

I hope you like this quick review on the Corey 1 for Rangefinders. Soon I will be on a long trip and I am still debating if I should take the Corium 5 for the extra room and the fact that the iPad can be placed on the external zipper pocket (unfortunately you can’t close the zipper with the iPad there… it would be nice if I could have it completely inside the bag….)


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