What Kind of Street Photographer are You?

In my short experience with Street Photography I have learned that its definition can be controversial. I also learned that there is no right or wrong way of doing it, just different styles. This pool is supposed to be a fun way to categorize different street photography shooting styles. Please feel free to add your own on the comment section (see below for the definitions!).

1 – In your face – Gets up and close to the subject. Don’t ask for permission and shoots, run if needed.

2 – The Hipster – Shoots from the hip (sorry for the pun). May get really close to the subject but won’t let them realize that the picture was taken.

3 – Flasher –  Bruce Gilden style of using Flash on street photography, but also used by many others. May scare people, but most often just blind them.

4 – Ambusher – Stays put, awaiting for the right moment. Click and wait for the next “victim”.

5  – Stalker – Uses a long 300mm on a SLR to be away from the subject (considered by many not street photography). May be confounded by a Paparazzi.

6 – Invisible – Every Street Photographer’s dream, only accomplished by HCB

2 thoughts on “What Kind of Street Photographer are You?

  1. Not meant to be labels, but rather just a fun way to describe our way of shooting in the street. I suppose that most uses a combination of the above techniques plus their own style. Doubt that I could describe and label each one’s way of working. Cheers for checking the blog!

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