Back on Film

After taking one of my B&W film to be developed on one our local lab and getting the negative completely ruined I decided to start developing them myself. Have not done that for years, but oh boy, so much easier today with all the help from the Net and a few friends over Twitter.
Went to B& and got a great plastic developing tank, plus tons of Tri-X. The developer, stop bath, fixer, hypo clear and flo in a local store. I was able to get a number of plastic containers at work to store the chemicals once diluted. 
Today I decided that it was time to give it a try. I loaded the M6 with the Tri-X and over an hour I shot my son playing and my wife helping my daughter with a new nail polishing technique. Next, I set a table with all the “ingredients”. My 8 year-old daughter helped me with the dilution math and my 4 year-old son kept track the time on the iPhone app The Massive Dev Chart ( Both helped me to agitate the tank and had a lot of fun.

I used HC-110 at 20C for 7min. Worked quite well. See below a few shots. Scanned with Nikon Coolscan 5000ED and VueScan for Mac.



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