Aperture for iPad – A brief wish list and imagined workflow

With the release of the subscription-based Adobe Lightroom iPad companion Revel (formerly known as Carousel), it is expected that Apple would come with its own solution to bridge Aperture and iPad. Something more than just PhotoStreaming. As per Apple’s tradition, nothing has been announced but I keep my hopes. In the meantime this is my wishlist for “Portable Aperture” and the workflow I imagine using.


What do I want from Aperture for iPad:

  1. Non-subscription model (Adobe’s cost is $6/month)
  2. Import Pictures from Card/Camera (Raw and Jpegs)
  3. Change metadata: key wording, rates, labels, etc
  4. Use its tools: loupe,zoom, lift and stamp, stacks, create folders, albums, etc
  5. Non-destructive editing: cropping, rotating, ect. Would also be nice to apply certain adjustments such as exposure, contrast, red-eye, etc. Since color calibration can be an isssue, would leave heavy editing with my desktop/laptop, however, if I can apply some of my Aperture presets would be also great.
  6. Publish photos/proof page into iCloud/Webgallery/Webpage
  7. Email/Upload to Flickr/Facebook etc
  8. Work remotely: i.e when connected over highspeed wi-fi, access the desktop’s Aperture library and without downloading the master images into the iPad, perform all the tasks mentioned above.
  9. Synchronize Projects over wi-fi/3G
  10. Allow external editing in the iPad (snapseed etc)
  11. Export to External hard disk
  12. Slideshow/Portfolio mode.

The workflow I imagine doing is the following:

On the road:

  1. Download images into the iPad. Delete the rejects, rate 1 (memory), 3 (web) or 5 (print) stars. Add keywords, labels, etc.
  2. Work on selected images: cropping, basic adjustments.
  3. Publish on Flickr/Facebook or email some pictures
  4. Back-up on iCloud or external hard disk
  5. Once at home, transfer the master and all versions to the desktop.
  6. Final editing and adjustments would be done in the desktop with my color calibrated monitor.

At home:

  1. Connect the App to my Aperture library
  2. Browse through all projects and folders
  3. Reject, Rate, and add keywords
  4. Create albums, smart-albums and folders
  5. Airplay slideshows on it or larges screen (Apple TV)
  6. Pictures already edited: print or publish to website/export to Flickr/Facebook

Also have a wish list? Leave a comment with it.


Cheers Raf

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