Believe in Santa

After the Leica M (Type 240) announcement I  wrote a long post about my first impression on the new M without actually seen the camera or handling it. I still stand behind of what I wrote but I hope Leica proves me wrong. I do hope the new Leica M turns out to be a great camera. Decided, however, that the new M wasn’t for me yet. Part of my writing was also to justify the decision of investing even more on a Back and White Camera.

So I got myself on a wait list for the Leica Monochrom. My trusty overseas dealer initially told that it would take 2-3 months. I kept reading more and more stories of how long it was taking for the MM to be delivered. And soon enough a second email came from my dealer stating that:

So as the supply situation at the moment I do not think that this year still assumes that you have the camera under the Christmas tree;-(

Obviously a bit disappointed but at the same time happy that it would give me more time to work hard and save for the camera…

Well, then enters TCS (The Camera Store). When I lived in Calgary, TCS was always a place not only to buy, rent, trade gear but also a place to go, learn and meet people. I was back in Calgary, visiting family and friends. In a cold early morning was checking the website before the store was actually open. I saw the impossible: Leica Monochrom IN STOCK. My first reaction was: this is a mistake. It happen to me before in a different store. I bought a 50mm Summilux only to learn a few minutes later that they didn’t have the lens in stock (sure they found one for me quite fast…).

Well, this is what I found when I got into the store:

MM in Stock

Needless to say that I had to call the bank and credit card to have the card authorized. But at the end I left the Store happy, with the MM inside my bag and with one of my kidneys still inside my body. The bonus of the day was to meet old friend Tony Field, a fantastic creative photographer from Calgary. Good chatting as always!

Now with the Monochrom under the tree, will have to get my name off the wait list. I know someone out there will be happy to have one less ahead on the wait.

Leica MM on Xmas tree

The only caveat with this camera is it’s RAW file. Still not supported by Apple’s Aperture. I’m using Lightroom that came with the camera… well a topic for another post…

Leica MM

Check the Gallery with my first MM shots.



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